Talkin Sports with the Bird
    John "the Bird" Crowe

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                                    Talkin' Sports Slideshow                     
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                                            TALKIN SPORTS WITH THE BIRD--                                                                   TUESDAY NIGHT FROM 7-9 PM EST ON AM 600 WICC RADIO                                        LISTEN LIVE AT WWW.WICC600.COM, AND CHECK ME OUT ON FACEBOOK                                                    AT TALKIN SPORTS WITH THEBIRD!!!!!                                   

Hello--My name is John Crowe AKA "THE BIRD" and for 13 years I was part of an innovative and groundbreaking show as co-host of the wildly popular Sports Talk in Black 'N' White, and more recently over the past 4 years as the originator and host of Talkin Sports with the Bird where I dove into the world of sports with the passion, opinions and knowledge that can only come from playing and watching all sports as a little kid.

We talk Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Giants and Jets as well as our hometown team the UCONN Huskies. The platform is yours and you are going to be heard, but don't get mad when the BIRD gets the last word. We'll talk to the sports stars of today and yesterday and get into things with them that you normally don't hear on other radio stations. Weekly trivia contests will give you a chance to win gift certificates to local restaurants as well as tickets to sporting events.

The Tri-State area deserves a talk show for the rabid fan, the person that needs a break
from the same old X's and O's talk, while giving them something to think and talk about the
next day.  Unlike other radio stations, and you know who you are, the BIRDMAN prides himself on two way discussion, letting you voice your opinion as it is just as important as his.

So join me each and every Tuesday night from 7-9 PM EST on AM 600 WICC radio for TALKIN SPORTS WITH THE BIRD!!

Thank you for making this show what it is today.

John "BIRD" Crowe

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